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  1. Dutch officials confirm 13 cases of omicron variant as travel rules tighten around the world

    Virus Outbreak Australia

    More omicron infections were reported around the world on Sunday, with 13 cases of the new coronavirus variant found in the Netherlands and two in Australia, as more countries tried to seal themselves off by imposing travel restrictions.

  2. Family that fled Afghanistan with Canada's approval is now stuck abroad in web of bureaucracy

    Afghan refugee family in Albania

    Ottawa says it’s doing all it can to quickly process Afghan refugees, but advocates say many — including those who worked for the Canadian government in Afghanistan — find themselves languishing in third countries, struggling to get information about their cases.

  3. Long suppressed and forcibly assimilated, Sámi people in Sweden get an apology 30 years in the making

    Archbishop Antje Jackelén of the Church of Sweden

    An apology service this week marked a major step forward for reconciliation in Sweden, where the Indigenous Sámi people continue to fight for self-determination and recognition of past wrongs committed by church and state.

  4. 5 mining officials, inspectors in custody following deadly explosion at Siberian coal mine

    Stop sign seen at entrance to Listvyazhnaya coal mine

    A court in Siberia on Saturday remanded five people in custody for two months to face charges related to a coal mining accident that killed more than 50 people this week and left dozens injured.

  5. France mulls more autonomy for Martinique, Guadeloupe amid COVID-19 riots


    France's government is offering to discuss some autonomy for the French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, which have been wracked by virus-related rioting and strikes that reflect long-running frustrations over inequality with the French mainland.